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Returning Members
Your EAPH member name is the name you specified during sign up. If you have forgotten your member name or password write to the support email address rob@robshelp.com and a reminder will be sent.

Every EAPH member is assigned their own unique login location during setup. That login location will be contained in a Welcome email sent when the setup process is completed. If you have any difficulty using the member login above, you may instead go to the login location in your Welcome email.
New Members
The new member setup process is not automated. Time will elapse between signing up and receiving your Welcome email which signals your hosting is ready to use. After having signed up if you do not receive the Welcome email within a few hours, write to the support email address rob@robshelp.com.

The Welcome email is sent to the "primary" email address assigned in your PayPal account. If you are unable to receive email at that address, write to rob@robshelp.com explaining the situation.
Confirm you are logging in at the correct location
When you go to the login location assigned in your Welcome email a login screen will pop up looking something like this:

sample login box
Internet Explorer 9 has a peculiarity requiring the member name and password be typed in instead of copy and paste.
You must type in your member name and password when using Internet Explorer 9.

You can be sure you are at the right place by finding your EAPH member name somewhere preprinted in the popup window.