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Sign Up for EAPH.com Hosting $8.00 USD per month

Sign Up Procedure Summary
  1. Review the Terms of Service
  2. Decide on a member name
  3. Decide on a password
  4. Start the PayPal Subscription
  5. Await the arrival of your "Welcome" email
$8.00 USD per month via a PayPal subscription with no setup charges. You may cancel whenever you want either by ending the subscription yourself at PayPal or by sending an email to rob@robshelp.com to have it canceled for you.
Refund Policy
If when canceling service you have determined it is safe to end your hosting immediately (no current eBay listings are using your photos hosted at EAPH) then be sure also to request a refund of your most recent payment. The refund will be issued without argument. That includes the payment that goes through with a new subscription so effectively you may try out EAPH hosting risk free.
Not Sure?
If you're not sure if EAPH (with or without also using FreeForm/FreeForm2) is right for you, please write to rob@robshelp.com to discuss your needs. There's no desire here to have members for whom the service is not appropriate.
1. Review the Terms of Service
Signing up constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Service.
2. Decide on a Member Name
The member name you specify will appear in picture URLs like this:
(depending on server may be eaph2.com, eaph3.com, etc...)
People will be able to see your member name in URLs, but they probably won't care to look, so it's best to keep it as simple as possible for yourself. members often just use the first part of their email address (the part before the @) or their eBay ID. It's a hassle changing your member name later so consider carefully.
Although non-alphabet non-number characters are not allowed such as blank spaces or dashes, you can mix caps such as "DadsPawnShop".
3. Decide on a Password
Choose it wisely -- you and you alone are responsible for the content placed in your eaph.com web space protected by the password. The safest passwords are those that can't be found in a dictionary or be derived from your name. Mix in numbers, punctuation, and special characters.

Do not use your eBay, PayPal, Banking, or other high security site password!
4. Start the PayPal Subscription
This form below does not log you onto PayPal, it only takes you to PayPal where you log in securely to approve the subscription. You do NOT fill in your PayPal member name and password here.
Enter the Member Name you desire: (see Step 2 above)
Tip - Use caps to define words, for example: "DadsPawnShop". Or, use the first part of your email address, for example: "RobBellJr" (of RobBellJr@robshelp.com), or your eBay ID.
Enter your desired Password: (see Step 3 above)
Do not use your eBay or PayPal password!
Your Name (optional):
(we prefer to know you by name)
Then, click on the PayPal SUBSCRIBE button to submit: The PayPal Subscribe button to the left takes you to PayPal where, after logging in, you choose your funding method and approve (or abort) the creation of your new subscription.
5. Await the arrival of your "Welcome" email from rob@robshelp.com
Your hosting will not be ready until you receive a "Welcome to EAPH.com Hosting" email. It is sent to the email address you have set as your primary at PayPal so be sure to check for mail at that address. It will be from rob@robshelp.com, not from PayPal. The process of setting up a new membership is not automatic and usually takes no more than a few hours (please be patient).