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Most eBay sellers appreciate the potential to improve sales by displaying more and better photos. Obviously, photos are the most important ingredient for any item sold on appearance. Quite often perceived value can also be added to any item by placement of textual desription in proximity to the photos so important features can be emphasized. eBay hosting doesn't get the job done with only 12 photos max and no control over their placement, quality, or size.

Bottom line, probably most sellers are adequately content with use of the listing tools provided by eBay EXCEPT for the handling of the photos (and the cost of eBay Picture Hosting). The only alternative to using eBay hosting for the photos, however, is to find a way to display them within item descriptions using HTML. There are many paths to that goal. September 2009 I added a tool to the EAPH.com hosting package that makes the process as simple and straightforward as possible. I call it EasyLinks because many sellers and hosts refer to the process of displaying photos in item descriptions as "linking" to them.

The flash slideshow to the right shows an overview of how EasyLinks can be used to quickly and easily assemble a formatted presentation of photos with a background color, styled borders, and variable spacing between the photos.

Here's the instruction page that includes how to get a presentation created using EasyLinks into an eBay item description along with how to add text between the photos:

Using EAPH EasyLinks With eBay, Turbo Lister, FreeForm, and Elsewhere

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