iDrive2 Basic Browse Upload Method

iDrive2 was updated in September 2009. Among other changes, the Browse Upload Method was moved to its own screen. The successfully accomplished goals were:
  • More Optimize choices including option to assign a custom width and/or height
  • Ability to assign Optimize options to files individually
  • Provide all the information necessary on one screen for making good Optimizing decisions
  • If / when files are not uploaded as a result of exceeding the per session upload limit, the ability to return to the Browse screen to resume uploading without having to re-browse them from your computer.
  • A generally less confusing, more straightforward, and thus faster uploading experience
Any change, even good change can be disruptive. For those of you who only used the default Optimizing previously I've created this 1-1/2 minute video to guide to accomplishing the same results. For those of you who are new to EAPH, the flash slide show to the right provides a quick overview of the Basic Browse upload method.

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